Recorded a 2nd new interview w/Kool And The Gang founder Robert “Kool” Bell

Listen for an exciting piece about the landmark Van Halen / Kool & The Gang tour on HPR soon, as I welcome my very special guest Robert “Kool” Bell, founder of Kool & The Gang.

The bass legend took time to speak with me ahead of their tour starting, just days before the opening concert in Louisville, Kentucky. He followed that up with a thirty minute+ tour check-in the day after the band triumphantly funked Philadelphia to the ground.

Hear a long-form conversation with this funk veteran and now 21st century music pioneer, as he tours the United States with his iconic funk/groove/dance band as special guests of the reunited Van Halen. With roots in sixties soul jazz and experimental fusions of soul, funk and jazz, Kool is a bassist whose career has taken him through musical genres and styles to where he is today, leading a group with wide appeal and generations of connection to pop culture.

It was a huge thrill to pow wow with him this second time, and our conversation will be part of an upcoming HPR feature on not just the Kool/VH tour, but also will include a taste of the historic first-ever national rock festival tour that Hawai`i’s own The Green will be part of when they embark on the entire Vans Warped Tour this summer. We’ll cover both unusual musical outings, as Hawai`i reggae gets exposed on a mainland alternative rock tour, and a classic funk/soul African-American band is shared with a classic hard rock/heavy metal band’s audience. Two exciting tours, and a great story for you to hear soon on HPR!

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