Dropping a funk bomb: Recorded new interview w/funk mob kingpin George Clinton! Hear an ID!

A 1999 photo with George Clinton & my buddy Nancy Richmond

Though I met George Clinton before, I’ve never interviewed him… until today when I recorded a 20minute+ conversation with him at HPR! Yes, the Atomic Dog. Calling Dr. Funkenstein. What a thrill to call him! Still stunned myself, listen for it soon! Here’s a super dope ID the Dope Dog did!

Let’s celebrate this new interview with some sick out of this world video representation of the Funk Mob at work:

or maybe this would be appropriate:

and a vintage TV appearance you may not have seen from Funkadelic:

Then again, since I sang this to him, it’s also probably the right thing to include:

and this monster to wrap up our celebrating!

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