Recorded a new interview w/Sammy Hagar, in town Monday; hear an ID/see a video!

The Red Rocker and sometime Maui resident is returning for a special private introduction to his new Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum at the new Waikiki Hard Rock Cafe location. In advance of that, he did a new interview with me and you’ll be able to hear it on the air and online this coming Monday on HPR.

Here’s a fun ID from the rocker arguably having the most fun with his career… and a new video of the latest from Chickenfoot, Three & A Half Letters (I Need A Job). This is perhaps the very best new rock video I’ve seen in many years. It is raw, powerful, and like the innovative, gut-wrenching song it goes with, tells a contemporary story of the unemployed across the country today. It’s ingenious and in all the hype today talking up the fantastic, creative new rum endeavor, we never got to touch base on it, so send me your aloha that we get a follow-up interview at this event, and I’ll quiz the Red Rocker on the superb, visionary, angst-ridden anthem this song is. Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers on drums, Joe Satriani on guitars, Michael Anthony from VH on bass, and Sammy on vocals and guitars… incredible song from these cats. And… a very well done video.

Sammy Hagar and I in 2010 at Pipeline Cafe, Honolulu after an interview for HPR. Sammy has been my guest four times over the last six years; he first was on with me in 2005. He's a wonderful part of our Maui rock ohana... we're very lucky to have him living here for part of each year, and sharing his genuine aloha!

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