HEAR A NEW INTERVIEW: drum legend Carmine Appice + see 2 new videos!

My most interviewed guest by far, drum legend and good friend Carmine Appice is back with a new interview. He was my weekly guest on the show during several years of the 5+ years I did afternoons on 105.9 KPOI. We’ve done interviews each year since, and never lost touch — there was a nice dinner in Nov. 2009 in NYC, and I hope to see him again soon.

He’s got a great new album out — click the cover of it to head to HPR’s site, hear the complete new interview, and see two new videos featuring tracks from this:

It felt time to do a new chat, record something for HPR and get the word out on this and several cool new Carmine projects in the cue.

Hope you dig this fun conversation and get more at Carmine’s site.

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