Read details about the passing of Boston radio nice guy and super pro Mike Ortolano

I’m no expert on Mike or his incredible career, but through twelve years in Boston I got to know him. Read more in these two articles:

Here’s the Boston Globe one that is referred to in there:

He was a solid brother, and was among the nicest people I ever encountered in radio. My impression of Mike was… if you were around him, he was trying to either make you comfortable, or would do whatever was necessary so you were treated equally, and kindly.

This guy included everyone who he dealt with, in an inclusive, all-are-welcome vibe. He gave off the kind of warmth, and trustworthiness, that is rare in a person, and calls you back for more. With that kind of energy Mike had, whenever you saw him, you knew upon sight… this guy was friendly, and ‘one of the good guys’ from the way he treated you. That sense of Philly-esque brotherly love mixed with the kind of professionalism you’d want on your team. If you had artists around and needed someone to execute their visit to your station, or your remote appearance with them flawlessly, he’d be your guy. He was smooth, warm, friendly, approachable, and people were made to feel at ease around Mike. That was the energy he gave off, or rather, my impression of it.

Here he is in a recent shot from this year, I believe, with my good friend Mark Parenteau, who introduced me to him.

Mike, I love you brother, and am very sorry to have lost you. That day ended with an expensive meal at one of the best Italian restaurants in Honolulu in your honor… a place only for birthdays, and very special days. It was a classy place, and I know you’d feel good being honored like that, cause you’re a classy guy. Your legacy is one of total warmth and good vibes for all, and I’ll remember you as a lesson in the kind of man I want to be. Aloha, brother Mike. You are a giant.


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