Recorded new interview W/Puddle of Mudd, in Hawaii 7/16! Hear an ID/see videos!

Wes Scantlin, the front man from Puddle of Mudd, spent time on the phone with me today cutting an advance interview for their upcoming appearance in Kaneohe at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

Puddle of Mudd do Bayfest July 16 – on-sale now – and brother Wes cut a nearly half-hour interview today with me to discuss the Mudd’s first-ever visit to the Aloha State. Hear it soon on HPR and here… get more at Check out three of my favorite Puddle of Mudd songs below, and get stoked, because one tasty interview with the founding guy behind the whole band is on it’s way, and I bet you’ll really dig it, too.






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