Never-before-seen-footage of John Lennon has been included in a new PBS documentary set to air on Monday, November 22. The film, called LennoNYC, covers Lennon during his time in New York City, where he lived from 1971 until his murder in 1980.

Plenty of famous faces can be found in the film, including artist Andy Warhol, poet Allen Ginsberg (shown hanging out with Lennon and Yoko Ono) and Elton John.

“The film is an attempt to look at his post-Beatles life,” said director Michael Epstein during an interview with the BBC. “New York meant freedom for John. It was an opportunity for him to be just John Lennon.”

LennoNYC chronicles Lennon’s love affair with the city. In the film, Lennon says, “People occasionally ask for an autograph or just want to shake hands, which is the coolest. I’m just known enough to keep my ego floating, but unknown enough to get around, which is nice.”

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