Join me for a special two month celebration… of the Classic Interview Player! The monthly online interview magazine is two years old this July! Happy birthday salutations and party hats all around. Get your hand stamped for the keg stations; General LD from the DLARMY will be organizing the beverages and other party supplies, with young Raoul. That’s how they roll.

Meanwhile, we’ll handle the music and arts side of things with this first of two issues acknowledging our two year anniversary of presenting a monthly feature based around new and archival interviews from my collection of conversations with artists. And what a line-up of artists have graced this thing since it’s humble inception two years ago: some of my very best interviews have been shared — The Who’s Roger Daltrey, Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, Rev. Al Green, Ronnie James Dio, Queen’s Brian May, Styx’s Tommy Shaw, and Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood among many others. The very first Classic Interview Player issue in July 2008 was John Waite… We’ll honor John with a flashback to this fun in-studio moment next month, in our finale of the soiree.

This month, we’ll present a brand new interview, the incomparable Michael McDonald. A sometime resident of the state, a masterful songwriter, interpreter of other people’s work, and soulful musical component in so many names of high regard (Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, etc.). He came to Honolulu in March with Boz Scaggs. I spoke with both guys in remarkable conversations that were included in pieces on Hawaii Public Radio, and also on-demand in my Dave Lawrence Reports HPR page. Now, for the first time ever, hear the entire interview with Michael. More than ten minutes of it never before aired or heard. He’s a wonderful treasure and you’ll hear what a mellow, laid back, un-egoed out dude he is. After meeting him not long after this phone interview, before the show itself, I realized why he is respected and regarded so highly by other high caliber entertainers.

In addition to our conversation, this first of two months of special Classic Interview Player issues comes with a cool photo slideshow going through the years with Michael (who is hitting the road July 23 – see him near you), ten ferocious live videos of him working magic in concert with The Doobie Brothers, Ashford & Simpson, Steely Dan, Patti LaBelle and others… Get his official links, background on the interview and more… all in issue one, in our two-month salute.

Get ready to take it to the streets, minute by minute, on the fault-line… with Michael McDonald. A new interview on-demand all month in the July issue of the Classic Interview Player here at my site.

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