To watch my new show on, DLTV On Shovio, you have to do a quickie registration with Shovio. Whether live or on-demand, you need to do a short registration to get you a username/log-in, and then you’re able to watch the on-demand programming, including Coolio, Craig “The Love Master” Shoemaker and hours more, or, the live programming, with fresh rock news, special guests and good times live from Honolulu with DLTV On Shovio.

Making it even cooler through Jan.22, when you register to watch, you’re also entered to win $1000. It’s simple, there is no catch, and boom, you’re not only able to watch/chat/cam-in on the live shows with the talented Shovio line-up, plus enjoy my humble offerings there as well.

That’s the dealio. Hook it and be large.

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