Today the radio world was rocked by the announcement that in a convoluted swapping of frequencies, formats & call letters, the legendary rock station where I got my start, WBCN, Boston, is no more. As of next month, the station will exist online only.


WBCN 104.1 FM, the long-celebrated Boston radio station credited with leading the progressive rock ‘n roll radio movement from the 1960s to the modern day, will no longer rock the airwaves.

Owner CBS Radio Boston said today that the legendary station is going off the air in a complicated shuffle intended to make room for a new sports/talk format.

On August 13, 98.5 The Sports Hub will replace the music station WBMX, or Mix 98.5, which will move to WBCN’s slot on the dial. WBCN will become a Web-only operation available at

The Sports Hub will air New England Patriots and Boston Bruins games, according to a release from the station. Local personalities Toucher and Rich will anchor the morning drive hours. The station will take the call letters WBZ-FM, pending FCC approval.

CBS Radio Inc. (the former Infinity Broadcasting Inc.) is making a similar move in Washington, D.C., where on Monday, its talk station WJFK FM will become “106.7 The Fan,” with sports talk and broadcasts of Washington Wizards games.

As for WBCN, it will “say goodbye to Boston listeners after 41 years on the air with unique programming and stories celebrating the history and heritage of the station,” according to the release.

For decades, WBCN carried a reputation as perhaps the most progressive commercial rock station in the country, featuring such well-known air personalities as Charles Laquidara, with his “The Big Mattress” morning show, Danny Schechter the News Dissector, and J. Geils Band lead singer Peter Wolf, who worked as a DJ there. Musically adventurous and politically active, the station informed popular tastes both regionally and nationally, in its glory days helping to break such artists as U2, Elvis Costello, and The Cars. COURTESY OF THE BOSTON GLOBE

From 1992 to 2001, I was fortunate enough to get my start, arriving there when I was just a college intern. It was through WBCN that I met and am grateful to have worked for two of the all-time greatest radio DJs ever, Charles Laquidara and Mark Parenteau. It goes without saying I am very proud to have worked there and grown so much under the direction of the great Oedipus, Carter Alan, Steven Strick, John Reily, Tony Berardini, Cha Chi Loprette, and others.

Here are a handful of photos of my time at WBCN from my Dave’s Photo History: A Rock Timeline page:

Woodstock 1994

Johnny Cash & I around the corner from WBCN at Avalon Winter 1996; note the classic ‘BCN shirt, too

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley & I at the Fleet Center, Boston; photo taken by WBCN legend Mark Parenteau:

Alice Cooper & I in the WBCN air studio, Halloween 1996 – taken by Mark Parenteau:

Metallica’s James Hetfield, Mark Parenteau & I in the WBCN air studio, winter 1997

Metallica’s James Hetfield & I talking in the WBCN air studio, winter 1997 – one of my favorite ‘BCN pics:

Snoop Doggy Dogg & I at the Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA during our WBCN broadcast at Lollapalooza, July 1997- taken by Cha Chi Loprette:

Funk Mobster George Clinton, my buddy Nancy Richmond & I, on George’s bus in Providence, RI, on a field-trip arranged by ‘BCN, October 1999- one of my all-time favorite moments, as we sang “Mommy, Whose A Funkadelic?” together. Singing with George Clinton, courtesy of the great WBCN. Thanks to Steven Strick, who set that memorable night up for me. LOL


  1. WOW-I grew up with BCN-graduated in Peabody HS 1978-remembered when Duane locked himself in the studio and played the disco song “Ring MY Bell” till it hurt. Too many funny memories…was it Duane or Charles or someone else who advised us all it was time to light the “smoking lamp”? or was that just in a haze back in the day??!! Now living way outside of Mass in Virginia, I sure do miss the good ole daze. Or is is just being 48 and loving the classic rock that is slowly being taking away on the airwaves.
    Thats ok-my Black Crowes southern harmonies is getting revisited lately-much to my neighbors displeasure. OK-so I’m going deaf early-I blame it on my husband-a prof guitarist/vocalist-If he’d only turn his amp down! ROCK ON CHARLES!

  2. Hey Dave,

    I’m sure you don’t remember but I worked for you and Mark in the mid 90s (listener line/bad studio monkey) I’m actually the guy in the Metallica shirt in the pic of Hetfield in the studio. Which blows my mind. I think I still have stuff he signed. He was a very nice guy. I remember how giddy we were because Oedipus allowed us to essentially throw out the play list. It was one of my favorite moments at ‘BCN.

    I just happened upon this while listening to the 4 day farewell and tooling around the web looking at all things ‘BCN.

    Glad to see you are still doing what you enjoy and in…Hawaii?! That’s fantastic. Stay well, thanks for the fun and memories.

    The demise of ‘BCN is oddly affecting for some reason. It was a great institution and I enjoyed my brief glimpse behind the mike.

    Jamie Ruccio

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