Join us on a world tour that includes 14 cities in 6 countries: We’ll hear from the biggest rock tours & hottest music events in the Friday May 22 show airing live from Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii. Be part of the live show Friday at:

12 Midnight Eastern

11 PM Central

9 PM Pacific

6 PM Hawaii

4 PM New Zealand / Fiji / Tonga (Saturday)

2 PM Eastern Australia (Saturday)

1 PM Japan (Saturday)

12 Noon Philippines / Singapore / Western Australia / China (Saturday)

11 AM Indonesia (Saturday)

10 AM India (Saturday)

8 AM Middle East (Saturday)

7 AM Eastern Europe (Saturday)

6 AM Central Europe / South Africa (Saturday)

5 AM UK (Saturday)


The Black Sabbath/Heaven & Hell tour as well as Oasis in South America

Disturbed & Slipknot on tours in North America

A visit to the KROQ Weenie Roast with The Airborne Toxic Event & Kings Of Leon

Nine Inch Nails & Fleetwood Mac from their tours in the western U.S. mainland

Five songs from huge stars at New Orleans Jazz Festival including James Taylor, Kings Of Leon, Dave Matthews, Bon Jovi & Neil Young

AC/DC & Eric Clapton on tours in Europe

and more!

Join us for the live chat, live fireworks, give-aways, great company & surprises!


DL TV Dave Lawrence's iTV channel

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