This Friday night on DLTV, catch the latest edition of Friday Night Tour Tracker Video, two hours of the freshest live music videos, shot at the hottest rock tours & music events, and hosted by Dave Lawrence in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii. All performances shot in the last thirty days, plus live chat and live fireworks from here in Waikiki!

Don’t miss an action-packed two hour show live this Friday exclusively on DLTV! Catch some ferocious live music from Oasis in South American stadiums, J.Geils Band rocking the House Of Blues Boston, No Doubt from the Bamboozle Fest in New Jersey, Bon Jovi from the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Slipknot in Toronto, Fleetwood Mac in St.Louis & Dallas, Richie Havens as well as Bruce Springsteen with Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello from the Pete Seeger 90th Birthday party, and much more. 

The show is live Friday night at:

12 midnight Eastern

11 pm Central

9 pm Pacific

6 pm Hawaii

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