Rainbow are releasing an expanded version of what is one of just a few albums featuring Ronnie James Dio on vocals, Rainbow Rising (or just, Rising). The 1976 album is legendary among fans for bringing together arguably the very finest line-up of Rainbow ever: with guitarist/founder Ritchie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio at relative peaks in their careers, with one of rock’s most savage drummers, Cozy Powell, otherwise unknown bassist Jimmy Bain (a fine guy and really nice fellow in person) and keyboardist Tony Carey (who while also relatively unknown, provided some stunning keyboard work). The album brought forth classic Rainbow epics like “Stargazer,” Tarot Woman,” “Starstruck,” and “Light in the Black.” The reissue adds a lot of tantalizing extra stuff…

Rainbow Rising Deluxe Edition comes with multiple mixes and alternate recordings of all of the album’s original six songs, plus live tracks like “Man on the Silver Mountain,” from the band’s first album. The two-disc set will be released in the U.K. on February 28 and in North America on March 8.

Rainbow Rising Deluxe Edition tracklisting:

CD 1
1. Tarot Woman (New York mix)
2. Run with the Wolf (New York mix)
3. Starstruck (New York mix)
4. Do You Close Your Eyes (New York mix)
5.Stargazer (album version)
6. A Light in the Black (New York mix)
7. Tarot Woman (Los Angeles mix)
8. Run with the Wolf (Los Angeles mix)
9. Starstruck (Los Angeles mix)
10. Do You Close Your Eyes (Los Angeles mix)
11. Stargazer (Los Angeles mix)
12. A Light in the Black (Los Angeles mix)

CD 2
1. Tarot Woman (rough mix)
2. Run with the Wolf (rough mix)
3. Starstruck (rough mix)
4. Do You Close Your Eyes (rough mix)
5. Stargazer (rough mix)
6. Coming Home (“A Light in the Black” rough mix)
7. Stargazer (Pirate Sound tour rehearsal)
8. A Light in the Black (Pirate Sound tour rehearsal)
9. Man on the Silver Mountain (Pirate Sound tour rehearsal)


The June issue of the Classic Interview Player is out today, and don’t miss the incredible tribute we’re offering up for the Man On The Silver Mountain, Ronnie James Dio.

Go back in time and hear my two brief, in-person interviews with Ronnie when he was in Black Sabbath on the 1992 Dehumanizer tour, speaking about the new tour, reuniting with Geezer, Tony, and Vinny, the changing concert market, his early influences, and other avenues of discussion in this quick, personal moment with Ronnie. Cruise through dozens of photos in a career retrospective slideshow set to one of his solo studio monsters. Watch and hear two hours of live video, taken from shows throughout the years with Dio, Rainbow, and Black Sabbath. Hear studio epics, signature classics, and more. Get some relevant Dio links for more content on the master showman. Enjoy ID outtake fun, as Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Ronnie James Dio take time to joke around with me. It’s a great issue with a ton for you to do. Enjoy it here at my site all month long on-demand.

Most of all, celebrate Ronnie James Dio with me. Throw up the horns if you wish. Turn up the vids loud, like you were turning up the night. Brother Ronnie, we send you maximum aloha and respect from Honolulu. We’re lighting a lantern for you, bro —