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Are you on Facebook? If so, please add the DLTV Facebook Fan Page. Even if you’re not on FB, consider visiting. If you’re a fan of rock, me, or what I’ve been doing online, you’ll love the DLTV Facebook Fan Page.

Why? It’s worth the visit, and loaded down with a vast assortment of rich content. Live, streaming and on-demand video, audio, pictures, apps and much more. Here’s a run down of what we’ve got there SO FAR:


1.) DLTV PLAYER. Get the complete DLTV experience – see the weekly two hour live show, Friday Night Tour Tracker Video With Dave Lawrence, streaming continuously after each live broadcast, and now, available on-demand. Friday Night Tour Tracker Video presents full song video shot in the last thirty days, only at the biggest rock tours and hottest music events, and now, with the option to fire up the most recent complete two hour show, from the top, ON-DEMAND. Watch and be part of the live broadcast Fridays from Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii with our interactive chat, right from the FB Fan Page! Also see my nightly music news & video report from the new show by Hawaii TV/comedy legend Andy Bumatai ON-DEMAND on DLTV: Dave On The Rock. I’m proud to say you can see entire shows on-demand at Andy’s site, and on DLTV, get the exclusive presentation of Dave On The Rock as individual, on-demand segments, with the freshest rock and music news, plus Tour Tracker Video highlights. DLTV offers almost three hours of new content every week, and over five hours of content on-demand, and all of it at the FB Fan Page. Find the player in the “My Stuff” tab there.

2.) TV TRACKER. A feature exclusively at the Fan Page, and a spin-off of the Friday Night Tour Tracker show, with a video playlist of on-demand recent live rock performances on TV. From late night to morning promotional appearances, a cross-section of new full live songs, shot in the last thirty days, with over an hour of live content so far, and growing all the time. This feature is only at the DLTV Facebook Fan Page.

3.) NEW ROCK PLAYER. Stay on top of what’s hot in the world of rock, whether your local stations play the full mix of actual hits or not. This on-demand player is updated weekly, easy to use, and loaded with the exact top 40 most played rock songs from the combined top 40 charts of all rock formats. It’s a rock cross-section that is both refreshing and complete. As each week’s chart changes, the New Rock Player brings you the latest tracks, in order of airplay, on-demand. Also get this in the sidebar at DaveLawrenceOnline.com, or find this selection of over three hours of contemporary, timely content available in the “My Stuff” tab at the FB Fan Page.

4.) FRIDAY NIGHT TOUR TRACKER VIDEO PHOTO GALLERY. Another Fan Page exclusive feature, updated weekly with shots from the show. See the artists presented, experience the show as a series of snapshots, with the diverse playlist, great souvenirs of the weekly fireworks, gorgeous backdrop of ocean-view that turns to bustling nighttime city lights and all there in this exclusive feature in the “Photos” tab only at the FB Fan Page.

5.) RSS FEEDS FROM DAVELAWRENCEONLINE.COM & TWITTER. Don’t miss a thing in the way of updates on content here at DaveLawrenceOnline.com or items from my Twitter feed in the “RSS/Blog” tab at the FB Fan Page. It has the most recent 20 posts/updates in one place.

6.) COMPLETE INTERNATIONAL LIVE SHOW SCHEDULE. Get the time to see Friday Night Tour Tracker Video With Dave Lawrence live in your part of the world, and connect via technology to the interactive, fast-paced fun and adventure of this new rock iTV show that bridges cultures with the international currency of rock. From Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul, London to Winnipeg, Tokyo to Tel Aviv, Manila to Philadelphia, get the time for any location worldwide to watch the live broadcast from Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii in the “Info” tab at the Fan Page.

7.) MAILING LIST UPDATES. Adding the DLTV FB Fan Page gets you on the exclusive mailing list for DLTV, for our updates on the show, special information on upcoming programs, news on additional features, deals from our sponsors, contests, cool give-aways and much more. A feature only at the FB Fan Page.

8.) VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS. See extracted moments and memorable occasions from DLTV programming, in short video posts on the “Wall” tab at the FB Fan Page. Another exclusive feature of the FB Fan Page.

9.) ADVANCE PREVIEW & BLOG REQUESTS. Get the first word on the next upcoming show in posts from the DLTV FB Fan Page. As the show is put together, the early confirmed videos are announced ahead of time with the Advance Preview. Plus, get tipped off to some of the surprises in store for that week. We take requests, too, from the Tour Tracker Video here in the Blog. Post your requests for selections featured in the blog’s vast collection of video. Not only can you get a request on, but we’ll even consider breaking the “30 Day Rule” and honor a request for any blog video title, waiving the rule for your video. Just post your suggestions on the FB Fan Page “Wall” tab.

10.) DLTV FACEBOOK APP. Add DLTV to your FB experience, with the DLTV Facebook App. This handy device brings the DLTV television app to your FB browsing experience, and allows you, with one click from your bottom-left row of apps, to blast on the DLTV player and get access to all the features, programming and content. A fantastic app you can look for in the “Notes” tab, and grab for yourself, at the DLTV FB Fan Page.


Photos from the taping of the new show from Hawaii TV/comedy icon Andy Bumatai. I’m doing a regular segment on each show, Dave On The Rock, which is final 20 minutes of his one hour new iTV show. See the whole thing, on-demand, at theandybumataishow.com, and mogulus.com/theandybumataishow; also catch the Dave On The Rock segments here in the blog.

His show yesterday featured the honorable ex-Governor of Hawaii Ben Cayetano. I hope you get time to watch the Dave On The Rock segments; there are a lot of fun moments as we cover the latest news in the world of rockĀ  and music news, concerts in the islands, the merging of music and technology, and much more in these very topical, informative, and aloha-filled segments.



Just days after the arrival of Bruce Springsteen’s new Working On A Dream song, which is streaming on-demand a couple posts below, we have a well-timed new interview podcast coming to the Dave Report for December: the return of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren. At NILSLOFGREN.COM, download his new nostalgic Yankee Stadium and other mp3s, get instructional lessons from a pro in one of the biggest bands on earth, go through a complete historical overview of his career in a multimedia history, and learn about the personal side of one of rock’s most down-to-earth, easy going cats. I’m proud to welcome him back for a brand new interview. Nils, one of rock’s true nice guys, has been a fixture with BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN since 1984 in a rock n roll journey that continues into the future. He performs with Bruce this February at the Superbowl, one of pop culture’s largest audiences. The moment will be even sweeter for Nils as he celebrates his next album with The Boss, the new Bruce Springsteen album Working On A Dream out January 27; the first song from it stormed radio in the past several days. At this amazing crossroads in his career, certainly timing is everything: we speak with Nils just before the upcoming gig at the Superbowl, and new Bruce Springsteen release, with it’s inspirational title Working On A Dream, premiering just as Bruce-favorite Barack Obama formally arrives. join me for a very special conversation you don’t want to miss. Coming next week as a new December interview podcast feature in the DAVE REPORT.