This afternoon on the show: Melissa Etheridge. Hear it online + see tasty live videos!

She plays the Blaisdell Concert Hall July 23 and the MACC in Kahului, Maui July 24. On-sale now.

At my page on the HPR site, you can also see four videos, including a breathtaking performance of Like The Way I Do that’s over ten minutes and one of the best-captured live versions of that song… Also check out Melissa paying tribute to Janis Joplin solo acoustic, showcasing her skills in jaw-dropping fashion… See her live in action from just days ago ‘down under’ on her current tour, playing an acoustic version of Falling Up, a song from Fourth Street Feeling, her new album due in September.

I hope you dig this very special conversation with one of my favorite artists!



THIS IS #8 IN THE NEW ROCK PLAYER ON THE SIDEBAR- Top 40 overall rock charts, right now. Unreal vocals, a haunting quality that is nostalgic. Also a sick drum line, savage guitar and other augmentation- there are hooks everywhere in a nasty assault that has tons of emotion, energy, inventive arrangements, and is a pure rock song in every sense. I am simply blown away by this jam, and clearly it’s earning it’s way to the top, currently the #8 most played rock song, of all rock formats that play any new music combined.

Vodpod videos no longer available.