In late July I had the pleasure of speaking with Korn’s front man and vocalist, Jonathan Davis. He was soft-spoken, very cool, easy to talk with, and I think you’ll really dig this interview. What a laid back, very nice cat.

You may recall checking out some of this interview via HPR, and the extended interview with Jonathan on-demand in my DL New Releases Blog. What’s cool about this month’s Classic Interview Player is it more than doubles the length of what you’ve heard so far, with a whole bunch more conversation. Nearly twenty minutes now, it’s a meaty feature that also includes lots of the Korn Live The Encounter videos from their historic crop-circle gig. It has a special live in-concert cover that’s relevant considering some of our… shall we say… Floyd-based discussion, too : ). Also check out some cool pics, links, background and more…

Hope you dig it!

It’s a brand new full-length interview you can hear on-demand all month with Korn’s Jonathan Davis, in the Classic Interview Player’s new September issue.


Just days after the arrival of Bruce Springsteen’s new Working On A Dream song, which is streaming on-demand a couple posts below, we have a well-timed new interview podcast coming to the Dave Report for December: the return of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren. At NILSLOFGREN.COM, download his new nostalgic Yankee Stadium and other mp3s, get instructional lessons from a pro in one of the biggest bands on earth, go through a complete historical overview of his career in a multimedia history, and learn about the personal side of one of rock’s most down-to-earth, easy going cats. I’m proud to welcome him back for a brand new interview. Nils, one of rock’s true nice guys, has been a fixture with BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN since 1984 in a rock n roll journey that continues into the future. He performs with Bruce this February at the Superbowl, one of pop culture’s largest audiences. The moment will be even sweeter for Nils as he celebrates his next album with The Boss, the new Bruce Springsteen album Working On A Dream out January 27; the first song from it stormed radio in the past several days. At this amazing crossroads in his career, certainly timing is everything: we speak with Nils just before the upcoming gig at the Superbowl, and new Bruce Springsteen release, with it’s inspirational title Working On A Dream, premiering just as Bruce-favorite Barack Obama formally arrives. join me for a very special conversation you don’t want to miss. Coming next week as a new December interview podcast feature in the DAVE REPORT.