Robert was a great guy. I first met him in the early 90’s when he was being played on the radio by the legendary Mark Parenteau, at WBCN, who I worked for.

Not being super into comedy, I can tell you… I’m not the guy to say critical or insightful things about comedy… dissecting it, like music. So my take is…

We had a cavalcade of comedians come through the door at BCN… I was there almost a decade, and they had a lot of comedians — big names — who did their bit live either on Mark’s show, or Nik Carter’s or Charles’… (Laquidara).I’ve had a lot myself since, so between then and now, out of all of them… for me…

Robert Schimmel was among the funniest. This guy could really entertain me. I would laugh so hard for so long at his events, like Comedy Connection Faneuil Hall… he’d own the night. The pure, raw evoking of genuine laughter, and creating a moment to forget about everything else, like a movie, and he was the sole actor on the stage, conducting it live.

In more recent times, it was a great thrill, when I was doing my own afternoon show, in Honolulu, to have Robert as a guest. He did an advance phoner and a wonderful in-studio appearance. I believe, the only one I ever hosted with him myself. His act in December 2003 at the Pipeline Cafe was a treat to see. My face hurt from smiling so much.

Hearing that he’s gone is sad. He had been a familiar face from my Boston days, my early pro radio world; that’s how it felt, when I was privileged to have him as my very own guest, right here in Honolulu. I hope you can tell from the way I say that, how fortunate I feel to have worked with this man personally. I still feel him under my arm.

Robert, you take it easy bro… I give you a big hug, and humble little me sends you off with aloha. Your professionalism through personal hell, and incredibly bright glowing talent under unimaginable pain, will burn like a torch forever. You’re forever a teacher through the lessons…  painful lessons… you leave behind.

Aloha, brother.


In late July I had the pleasure of speaking with Korn’s front man and vocalist, Jonathan Davis. He was soft-spoken, very cool, easy to talk with, and I think you’ll really dig this interview. What a laid back, very nice cat.

You may recall checking out some of this interview via HPR, and the extended interview with Jonathan on-demand in my DL New Releases Blog. What’s cool about this month’s Classic Interview Player is it more than doubles the length of what you’ve heard so far, with a whole bunch more conversation. Nearly twenty minutes now, it’s a meaty feature that also includes lots of the Korn Live The Encounter videos from their historic crop-circle gig. It has a special live in-concert cover that’s relevant considering some of our… shall we say… Floyd-based discussion, too : ). Also check out some cool pics, links, background and more…

Hope you dig it!

It’s a brand new full-length interview you can hear on-demand all month with Korn’s Jonathan Davis, in the Classic Interview Player’s new September issue.


I spoke with the sole surviving member of The Temptations and here’s the HPR Extended Interview. Get more of my latest interviews on-demand there at plus other content I’m posting there.

The pic is from the Blaisdell just before their show here the other day.


The June issue of the Classic Interview Player is out today, and don’t miss the incredible tribute we’re offering up for the Man On The Silver Mountain, Ronnie James Dio.

Go back in time and hear my two brief, in-person interviews with Ronnie when he was in Black Sabbath on the 1992 Dehumanizer tour, speaking about the new tour, reuniting with Geezer, Tony, and Vinny, the changing concert market, his early influences, and other avenues of discussion in this quick, personal moment with Ronnie. Cruise through dozens of photos in a career retrospective slideshow set to one of his solo studio monsters. Watch and hear two hours of live video, taken from shows throughout the years with Dio, Rainbow, and Black Sabbath. Hear studio epics, signature classics, and more. Get some relevant Dio links for more content on the master showman. Enjoy ID outtake fun, as Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Ronnie James Dio take time to joke around with me. It’s a great issue with a ton for you to do. Enjoy it here at my site all month long on-demand.

Most of all, celebrate Ronnie James Dio with me. Throw up the horns if you wish. Turn up the vids loud, like you were turning up the night. Brother Ronnie, we send you maximum aloha and respect from Honolulu. We’re lighting a lantern for you, bro —



Carmine’s baby brother with the different pronunciation, Bruddah Vinny as his Hawaii fans affectionately know him, returns to the fold with a fresh DL interview. He’ll be camming in from the East Coast and joining me for the daily rock news and video report I do on the Shovio Network, DLTV On Shovio, Mon-Thurs. 10p EST/7p PST/4p HST. This Monday March 22 we get the 411 on Ronnie James Dio’s cancer, Tony Iommi’s hand surgery, Vinny’s shoulder surgery, and Geezer Butler ducking and hoping no medical drama reaches the famed NIB introing Terrance.

All that and more as Bruddah Vinny – the powerful drums behind Black Sabbath’s epic “Mob Rules” album… their 1982 tasty 2LP live set “Live Evil”… Dio’s “Holy Diver” and “The Last In Line” opuses… some righteous drumming for sure. We’re proud to welcome him to DLTV On Shovio- hope you can make it, too.

As if one great drummer wasn’t enough, catch Shinedown’s Barry Kerch as my special guest Thursday to end our week of fun… Shinedown have had a string of successful recent hits — “Second Chance”, “If You Only Knew”, and “Sound Of Madness”… They gigged in Honolulu recently — see more pics from it further in the blog — and we had a fantastic sit-down over at the hotel, chillaxing lol… Seriously, a special chat, and some of this cool new video interview is being featured to wrap up our week this coming Thursday March 25.

This is a chance to touch base with a monster talent in one of rock’s most popular contemporary acts. Shinedown came through Honolulu and rocked Pipeline Cafe. We got to spend time with them at the hotel and the gig, and in addition to recording a long-form interview for Hawaii Public Radio, I scored a companion video of it, hence, our cool new video interview with Shinedown you’ll be enjoying a taste of this Thursday March 25 as we do our Friday Fiesta a day early, as usual, for DLTV On Shovio.