This afternoon on the show: Melissa Etheridge. Hear it online + see tasty live videos!

She plays the Blaisdell Concert Hall July 23 and the MACC in Kahului, Maui July 24. On-sale now.

At my page on the HPR site, you can also see four videos, including a breathtaking performance of Like The Way I Do that’s over ten minutes and one of the best-captured live versions of that song… Also check out Melissa paying tribute to Janis Joplin solo acoustic, showcasing her skills in jaw-dropping fashion… See her live in action from just days ago ‘down under’ on her current tour, playing an acoustic version of Falling Up, a song from Fourth Street Feeling, her new album due in September.

I hope you dig this very special conversation with one of my favorite artists!



I spoke with the sole surviving member of The Temptations and here’s the HPR Extended Interview. Get more of my latest interviews on-demand there at plus other content I’m posting there.

The pic is from the Blaisdell just before their show here the other day.


Do not miss this incredible Superbowl special issue of the Classic Interview Player. This month, we celebrate our friend Roger Daltrey in the Superbowl Halftime Show, and do it in raging style.

First of all, enjoy highlights of the first interview I did with Roger, in July 2004, as a very cool flashback to take in this month as he belts out The Who classics in front of the biggest audience of his career. Go to Background for some interview details, and listen to the interview on-demand all month.

Then, get into over two hours of mind-bending Who video: see The Who through the years, including a complete live performance of Tommy recorded in 1989- over one hour itself. Plus Woodstock, Isle Of Wight, Concert For New York, The Kids Are Alright film, and much more.

Review a selection of Roger Daltrey images in our monthly slide show, featuring many rare and hard to find photos.

There are the necessary official links and most of all, just a timely treat for you to enjoy.

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