Styx Celebrated With New & Classic Interviews For October

Styx Legends Tommy Shaw & James JY Young Speak With Dave Lawrence In  Exclusive Interview Podcasts During The Month They Rock Hawaii

Styx are back in Hawaii in October for their first shows in decades! Oct. 9 at the Blaisdell Concert Hall in Honolulu (, Oct. 10 at the MACC in Kahului (, and Oct. 11 at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island ( I’m celebrating with new and classic Styx interviews you don’t want to miss. Founding guitarist and vocalist James JY Young returns for a new interview — listen now in the DAVE REPORT. This one is a monster, nearly 30 minutes long, an in-depth conversation with highlights including extensive details on the separation from vocalist Dennis DeYoungand like you’ve never heard before, with the perspective of hindsight, from an original member of Styx. Plus, even more special: JY’s pilgrimage to meet rock icon Bo Diddley just weeks before he passed away. Authentic moments, personal reflections, and revealing dialogue.

To help make their rare appearance in Hawaii even more festive, for the month of October, we’ll also dig into the archives, and feature Styx guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw. I’ve been lucky to interview Tommy four times, and in the Classic Interview Player. all month, check out a spring 2005 conversation you’ll really enjoy… Hear touching details of Styx working with Chuck Berry’s legendary keyboardist Johnny Johnson, who passed away not long after recording with Styx. He tells the famous story of his “fuzzy” time in Kona with the female cabbie… Also, hear how Glen Campbell introduced Tommy to James Brown on American Bandstand with Dick Clark. Quality stories that I bet you’ll enjoy hearing, the October feature in the Classic Interview Player.

Listen and be part of this unique moment as Styx return to the Aloha State, and hear interviews with both James JY Young and Tommy Shaw.

New Styx interview with JY, plus a classic interview with Tommy Shaw coming up as Styx head to the islands

Styx original member/guitarist/all around good guy James JY Young returns with a brand new interview!! Hear it now in the Current Interview Podcasts section. Styx return to the islands Oct. 9 in Honolulu at the Blaisdell Concert Hall, and Oct. 11 at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island. Get tickets at and also We’ll also feature a great Tommy Shaw interview from the many he and I have recorded; look for it in the Classic Interview Player during October, the month of their shows.

JY is a very cool guy, who’s first appearance as my guest in 2006 was a lively, story-filled fun time. It was a treat to have him sitting just a few rows behind me at the Led Zeppelin survivors reunion show at the O2 Arena in London last December. He was a guest to talk about the Zeppelin show just after we returned to the states, and now he’s back with another fascinating discussion. This is a really meaningful part of our talk, and one of those great interview moments.

If you go to my myspace page you’ll see the link to the Styx myspace, as well, and their homepage is

Get tickets for their show, and enjoy this nearly 30 minute, brand new conversation, up now. Thanks for stopping by!

The Who’s Roger Daltrey this month in the Classic Interview Player

The Who are having a great year, with the recent star-studded VH1 Rock Honors show, international dates, and an impressive U.S. arena tour this fall. We celebrate with this two-part special starting this month only here in the Classic Interview Player!

Check out both The Who’s official homepage and the official Who myspace page for current tour details, but not long ago in August of 2004, The Who came to the islands for a pair of shows, and I was fortunate enough to do multiple interviews with Roger Daltrey, their legendary vocalist. This is part one of the first time we spoke, and it was, according to the record company and band management, the longest Roger Daltrey interview in years, a half-hour in length. Candid, insightful, covering a wide-range of topics and areas of interest, it gives a lot of insight into one of rock’s great personalities and vocalists. Listen to the podcast in the Classic Interview Player for this month’s issue, part one of this exciting conversation with a rock giant who turns out to be a giving, charismatic storyteller. I hope you enjoy it.

Dave News: Duff McKagan interview up now, Styx coming!

Fresh interviews are happening. As promised, a brand new one with Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan is up! Duff was there from the very beginning with G n R, and has had a huge next chapter with Velvet. He’s also plugged into the new Nutsie music sharing service. Hear the juicy details on Scott Weiland’s shaky last tour with Velvet, his recent departure, and now quick reunion with Stone Temple Pilots. Get the 411 on all that and more – Enjoy this new conversation with a great guy and guest: Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver’s Duff McKagan in DAVE REPORT now!

Also: Styx is coming to Honolulu for an October 9th show at the Blaisdell Concert Hall (on sale now through Ticketmaster), and in August we’ll welcome Styx co-founder, guitarist and original member James Young. JY does another interview with me — his third — and this is one you don’t want to miss. It was just recorded, and nearly 30 minutes long, featuring a founding member of one of the truly enduring American rock acts. He’s a really cool guy to spend time talking with, and this new conversation arrives online in August. More on it soon, plus details on an upcoming Classic Interview Player flashback featuring Styx as we celebrate their show in October –